[Nathan Grieser, director] Since The Shalom Project’s launch in August, I have been thinking about what it means to live and lead relationally, prioritizing people over tasks and seeking growth in myself and those I walk alongside each day. As it turns out, this is a challenge. Tasks and deadlines are tangible goals that can be scheduled, accomplished, and set aside. Relationships, however, ask that you give of yourself vulnerably, and they often require attention -Read More-
[Ellie Kiger, 2015-16 participant] As the first year of community members at The Shalom Project, our lives have been a rush of recent beginnings. New city, new job, new church, new friends–and these are just the flashier changes. Now we’re painting the living room, collecting house plants, trying not to kill our fish, checking in with the neighbors, figuring out the city’s shortcuts*. Fall deepens, and our house looks more like a home, and we find -Read More-
  [Nathan Grieser, director] Lancaster city, PA, is a small urban setting that has been attracting quite a few young adults in recent years. It also has its fair share of needs and challenges. In 2011, several Mennonite pastors in the city began meeting regularly to dream about ways we might connect the gifts and energy of young people with the needs of this place. We asked a lot of questions in those early conversations: -Read More-