[By Kaitlin Abrahams, Shalom Project alumna] The other day I opened the back door of the Shalom House and was welcomed by a rich, savory aroma. I found Shalom participant  Melissa Betancur frying vegan empanadas in the kitchen. A recent graduate from the nearby Eastern University, Melissa brings a passion for restorative justice and a desire to build community to the Shalom Project. She heard about the program from her counselor last year and she -Read More-
[Kaitlin Abrahams, 2018-19 participant] The tang of injera, the pungent spice of lentils, the bittersweet aroma of Ethiopian coffee—last weekend we enjoyed our community meal along with coworkers, church acquaintances, and various Shalom Project supporters. The meal had been prepared by an Ethiopian chef at the local Grape Leaf Cafe & was waiting for us to take inside in giant aluminum containers when we arrived at The Mix, an after school program who was letting -Read More-
[Chad Gundy, 2017-18 participant] I am not writing this as an attempt to give advice or make sense of the world, but rather as a way to share a story, because I believe that sharing and listening to stories is a great way for us to understand each other a little better. I hope you enjoy. Shalom Project Participant In college there were many occasions where I battled with finding inner peace. An example of -Read More-
[Helena Neufeld, 2016 summer intern] A bit of exposition before I get to how I came to intern at The Shalom Project: I’m going to be a senior at Goshen College in Indiana in the fall – I’m majoring in English with minors in women’s studies and political studies. Goshen offers a summer program called SIP (Service Inquiry Program) which provides students with a scholarship for volunteering at a service organization. I’ve been interested in -Read More-
[2015-16 participants] Nathan: The Shalom Project is a year-long voluntary service and learning experience in Lancaster, Pa. We invite college graduates to Lancaster to live in community in a house in the city, work and serve full-time in professional internships, and to engage in a variety of activities aimed at personal growth and Christian spiritual formation. We are more than halfway through our first program year, and recently took time to reflect together about this -Read More-