Do you offer paid internships?

Our work placements are volunteer experiences. Our arrangement is that partnering organizations pay The Shalom Project a set amount for the year you are with them; we use that money to cover your living expenses and stipend.

What is covered during a year with The Shalom Project?

We cover the cost of rent and all utilities, transportation (bus passes), food, and various learning experiences / field trips throughout the year. Each participant also receives a $75 monthly stipend.

Is there a cost to join The Shalom Project?

No – we don’t ask our participants to pay anything for their year with us. We do ask that participants help with fundraising and recruiting throughout the year as a way of contributing to the program.

Will I be able to defer my student loans as a Shalom Project participant?

Because income is limited to the monthly stipend, participants qualify for federal loan forbearance (payments are postponed but interest still accrues). Participants have successfully applied for loan deferment (interest does not accrue), but this is a case-by-case basis that we cannot guarantee.

To apply for loan deferment:
1. Go to your federal student loan provider (FedLoan Servicing)
2. Locate either the Public Service Deferment or Economic Hardship Deferment forms
3. Fill out the form and send it in with stipend stubs from The Shalom Project, all possible non-profit paperwork from The Shalom Project, letter from the director (Nathan Grieser) verifying that you are a participant, and your previous year’s tax return

Can I find another part-time job during my year with The Shalom Project?

Because The Shalom Project year is an immersive experience, we ask that participants not be employed outside of their internship placements. The process of getting to know the household and broader community, and engaging in a variety of opportunities and experiences, takes time and presence. Our desire is for you to be fully engaged in this experience.