About Us

Our Mission

The Shalom Project empowers young people to pursue God’s wholeness and peace for themselves and the Lancaster community. 

Our Vision

An intentional community of young adults who affect social change through lives of service.

Our Process

The Shalom Project is centered on the process of learning to love God, neighbor, and self. We believe that it is through this journey that people are able to thrive, experience the fullness of God, and share themselves with others.

Our Story

Vision for The Shalom Project emerged from conversations between several pastors in Lancaster city who all had similar ideas for a local service-learning unit. Motivated by a commitment to Lancaster, a care for young adults, and a desire to continue learning what it means to love God, neighbor, and self, the conversation grew into a clear vision.

After several years of meeting regularly to hone the vision, talking with other local and regional organizations, and inviting several passionate people to join the advisory board, we launched our first program year in August 2015.

Our desire is to create a space where service, Christian spiritual formation, and self-growth can happen in a way that benefits both our participants and the broader community.

The Shalom Project was founded by several local Anabaptist congregations. While our values of peace, lived faith, and community are rooted in Anabaptism, and we remain closely connected to the Mennonite church, we are an ecumenical organization that welcomes partnership with any organization or participant who desires to seek the wholeness and well-being of Lancaster.